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Many ways to watch:
  1. View it right here on our website:
    • Access from any web-enabled device or computer
    • Stream to your TV if you know how to do that
    • Go full-screen (little icon in corner of viewing window)
  2. Watch on Vimeo:  
    • Best quality, easy to watch on computer/mobile
    • Can watch on TV if you know how to stream it from computer or mobile device
  3. Watch on YouTube:
    • Many smart TVs offer the YouTube app: (not the ‘YouTubeTV’ app ) Search for “poweroftheriver” (no spaces)
    • Can watch on TV if you know how to stream it from computer or mobile device
  4. There are other options for viewing your TV, phone, tablet, computer, or even your web-enabled electric toothbrush. OK, maybe not that. Be the star of your own watch party! Learn how:
Host a watch party
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photograph by Harris & Ewing, [LC-DIG-hec-45134]

1. Choose your viewing platform.

Pick one of #1-3 above.


2. Pick a place.

If considering renting a place, see if they’ll consider providing it free or at a discount. Make sure they know this is a non-commercial film. A few ideas:

  • A theater or event center, maybe your friend who works there can swing it for free?!
  • The activity center where you live.
  • A favorite bar or restaurant with TVs.
  • Your living room or that big awesome home theater you have downstairs?

3. Make a simple plan for a get-together.

A few ideas:

  • Just invite people to join you watching a great film.
  • Make it a pot-luck where people bring goodies to share.
  • Make it a group activity for a club, organization, or business.
  • Make it a fundraiser to support a charity like your local river organization.
  • Ask businesses or organizations to support the event by covering any costs.



4. Invite good people.

Send emails, put it on social media, call friends, whatever seems easiest to spread the word. We suggest:

  • Make sure your invite says when and where.
  • Share the film’s trailer, our music video, or pre-written synopses (all here).
  • Let people know the film is free, although we strongly encourage donations!

5. Watch, enjoy, donate!

  • The film runs just under an hour. It’s appropriate for all ages.
  • It is very much an independent production: Please consider donating the price of a movie ticket or more for each viewer. DONATE TODAY
  • Keep the conversation going by sharing your thoughts on the film through email, social media, or comments on the viewing platforms.
laptop watch party with Karma
Karma's watch party after the expedition
At the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Watch anywhere!
Watch anywhere!
Bhutan premiere
Bhutan premiere in the capital city of Thimphu