Vail, Colorado at the GoPro Mountain Games! June 3, 2018

Colorado Mountain College
presents our FREE Vail premiere!

potr_poster-vail_tGoPro Mountain Games, Vail 2018


POWER OF THE RIVERThe featured “Outdoor Reels” film at the GoPro Mountain Games

Friday June 8, 2018 – Vail, Colorado
at the Mountain Plaza, on the grass by Gondola One – FREE ADMISSION

7:30PM (short films)
Power of the River approx. 8:15 to 9:30PM

The film was followed by Q&A with director Greg I. Hamilton. Event is appropriate for all ages. Bring your blankets, coolers, and lawn chairs. Parking is free at the Vail Village structure.

Tour made possible thanks to generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and Colorado Creative Industries.
Colorado Creative Industries and the National Endowment for the Arts
KZYR 97.7
BELOW: Hear the the KZYR 97.7FM interview: The Zephyr’s Steve Leigh, The Voice of the Vail Valley, interviews director Greg I. Hamilton on the day of Power of the River‘s premiere at GoPro Mountain Games 2018:

Greg I. Hamilton

Greg’s passionate enthusiasm for big, exciting projects that genuinely move people is matched by the skill and experience he brings to each new effort. He has worked on festival-friendly films that won critics and captured worldwide audiences. He writes books and magazine articles that surprise, challenge, and entertain. He speaks with buoyant, infectious verve that stirs audiences to tap into their own sources of inspiration.

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