Complimentary Ticket Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets on sale now!

  1. What is this ticket program? Thanks to generous support from our film’s friends, a limited number of complimentary tickets are available for selected guests in certain cities. These tickets are offered on an invitational basis. If you received a Discount Code, follow the link to buy tickets then enter the code at check-out.
  2. Are these real tickets? Yes! These are not “promotional” tickets; they are full-price, non-refundable, real movie tickets purchased on your behalf. Once confirmed, tickets are purchased for you and will be available under the guest name you specify. They aren’t transferable to other names, dates, or times—and they can’t be cancelled once guest lists are finalized—so please make your request carefully.
  3. What exactly must I do to get tickets?
    a. Receive an invitation (e.g., an email or social media post) which should include a Discount Code.
    b. Visit the webpage for the event (currently active events, if any, appear above).
    c. Click ‘Buy Tickets‘ and proceed as if to purchase your tickets (no need to enter a credit card if you have the correct Discount Code and complimentary tickets are still available).
    d. After clicking ‘Check Out,’ enter your Discount Code and click ‘Apply Code.’ If complimentary tickets are still available, the cost of your tickets will be $0 and you simply need to enter your name and a valid email then click ‘Get Tickets.’ NOTE: we’re paperless — a valid email address is required for each order.
    e. If you are requesting tickets for guests other than you (and in case they arrive separately from you) you’ll have the chance to provide us your guests’ names.
    f. Go to theater at least 15 minutes before your event; check in with school ID matching the guest name you specified.
  4. When may I claim my tickets? Your tickets will not be available until the night of the show. Plan to arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes before showtime and no earlier than 1 hour before show time.
  5. Why aren’t all theaters and showtimes listed? Each program is limited to selected dates in certain theaters. If your desired show isn’t listed, tickets are reasonably priced and always support charitable causes like wild rivers, indie film, and kids with cameras. Buy tickets, go see this beautiful film while you can, and feel great about the good your purchase is doing in the world!
  6. Can I buy additional tickets? You bet! See the previous answer to learn how buying tickets is a great way to pay it forward.
  7. What if it says “Discount code is invalid or expired”? Make sure you’ve typed the code carefully: codes are generally short words or phrases in all caps with no spaces. If no-go, our funding to purchase these tickets is limited. An expired code does not mean shows are sold out: Tickets are probably still be available to purchase.
  8. CCI and NEAWho’s funding this? Supporters who believe in the film. Free tickets, while supplies last, are made possible through the generosity of local partners plus support from Colorado Creative Industries and the National Endowment for the Arts. We hope this program will bring more attention to the film so that it can educate, inspire, and entertain people everywhere.
  9. How can I return the favor of these free tickets? Thanks for asking! All we ask is that you tell others about this program and about the film. It’s typically only scheduled to screen for a single night. With your help spreading the word, we can extend so more people see it in theaters. Don’t wait: Why not tell all your friends that you’re going and ask them to join you by buying tickets?

    Click for event details you can share:
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    • Colorado Springs

  10. No really, how can I give back to YOU, the filmmakers? Gosh, you’re the best. We are indeed a truly independent production and every contribution goes a very long way. Donations can be fully tax-deductible! Learn more here: PowerOfTheRiverMovie.com/Donate
  11. Why must I provide my email address? All communication regarding how to claim your tickets is delivered by email.The emails you receive through this program are simply communicating event details, including up to one thank-you email after the event. Please check your filters to make sure our emails are getting through.
  12. Can I opt out of other email lists? You aren’t opted in to any lists unless you specifically request to receive more emails from us. The emails you receive through this program are simply communicating event details, including up to one thank-you email after the event.
  13. How do I contact you? Please use the Make Contact form.
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