Collaboration and partnership concepts

Support the film. Connect with our audience. Advance our mission for wild rivers.

The producers of Power of the River share a combined six decades of successful event marketing for independent film releases. The release of the film in 2018 and beyond will benefit from the best of their past programs, reaching large audiences and engaging individuals and groups around the film's core messages:

  • Conservation of our planet's natural resources.
  • Education and empowerment of people worldwide.
  • Finding positive alternatives and solutions to entrenched debates.
  • Using art and great storytelling to share a higher value of nature.

Here is a small sampling of the programs we are developing for Power of the River's release and ongoing impact. All programs include opportunities for partner collaboration and benefits -- we're going big with this film's release; why not join us? Click a program for details or contact us for additional custom-tailored ways to get involved.

Film Festivals

Join the excitement as we build on 7 festival selections and countingJoin the excitement as we build on 7 festival selections and counting Learn more ...

NYC Premiere

7-night opening in Manhattan
New York City expects to host a 7-night opening of Power of the River in late 2018. Learn more ...

U.S. Tour

Limited theatrical tour based on our producers' success with recent films
20 selected cities with guaranteed audiences rallying around each exciting film event. Tour partners benefit from hundreds of thousands of impressions per market and numerous additional benefits. Learn more ...

Advance Screenings

Book the film for your own special eventExclusive advance screenings! View the film during its festival run: well ahead of wider release. Learn more ...

Cameras for Conservation

empowering local communities in Bhutan
An initiative benefitting kids and communities in Bhutan … and beyond. Learn more ...

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