Limited Theatrical Tour in the U.S.

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20 city film tour with guaranteed audiences

MIroy04ar_smA Tested and Proven Approach

The producers of Power of the River share a combined six decades of success in independent documentary filmmaking and niche distribution. It all began with their tenure managing the world’s longest running film series, the Warren Miller ski movie tour (now in its 69th year). Their premieres were less like movie screenings and more like rock concerts: they packed theaters over 2,000 seats per show; they created loyal audiences eager to engage with the film and its partners; and they achieved massive per-screen box office averages (including what were, at the time, 6 of the top 100 documentaries ever: the films of ’93 to ’98).

The limited theatrical release of Power of the River will merge the winningest approaches in our producers’ work on some of the most successful independent documentary film releases in history:

  • The 2013 Academy Award® nominated documentary Chasing Ice, which grossed $1.3 million, among the top docs of all time. Greg Hamilton and Rogue Edwards conceived and ran a ticket outreach program that spanned more than 1,110 screenings in 78 theaters.
  • The Movement has reached well over a million viewers through TV broadcasts, cable airings, airline releases, and festivals. Greg served as the film’s co-director and screenwriter and was involved in virtually all levels of production and distribution.
  • Chris Keig co-founded the Fly Fishing Film Tour, which has become the leading annual movie event for anglers across the U.S., reaching more than 40,000 live event patrons annually … and engaging those viewers by raising well over $130,000 in charitable donations to date.
  • Muscle Shoals – Seattle Times called it: “Hands down one of the best music documentaries ever made.” Greg and Rogue co-directed a ticket outreach program in 32 theaters supporting the movie’s release.
  • The NASCAR Films documentary DALE, narrated by Paul Newman, which played to 3.1 million television viewers (a CMT network record). Rogue conceived and Greg directed the film’s 212-city theatrical tour.
  • The Warren Miller tour, the world’s longest running film series. The annual tour visits 70 cities for 180 events and 300,000 attendance.
  • Don Hertzfeldt & Mike Judge’s Animation Show 3, featuring shorts from four Oscar® nominated animators and films that went on to win more than 15 international awards. Rogue conceived the film’s 2007 theatrical release, billed as the largest American animation film tour of the time, and Greg directed the tour.

More like a rock concert than a movie

That’s how our producers like their film tours … and so do audiences, theaters, and each tour’s partners. The secret is rock-solid execution on ambitious strategies backed by proven tactics.

Power of the River‘s 20-city tour will select from the hundreds of theaters we’ve previously booked for successful film premieres. The team behind the tour is among the country’s most seasoned movie promoters with a proven ability to rally audiences to a film’s crucial first few nights in each theater.

Benefits to tour partners include access to guaranteed audiences; grassroots outreach creating millions of potential impressions; and turn-key management of a partner’s connection to consumers before, during, and after each event.

Learn more about our past work in film distribution or contact Greg to be part of the film’s tour!

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