Film Festival Activation

Join the excitement as Power of the River builds on 7 festival selections, 4 award nominations, and 1 “best feature” award to date!

Bhutan river film garners 4 nominations and 1 awardPower of the River is early in its release on the film festival circuit, but we managed to win “Best Feature Film” for Colorado filmmakers at our very first screening! 2017 will feature premieres at the largest and longest-running environmental film festival in the U.S. as well as one of our most respected wildlife film festivalsGreg’s last film was selected for 21 festivals total, so there are likely to be numerous additional opportunities to tie in with our presence at festivals worldwide.

With investment levels starting at $2,000 per festival, partners can benefit from our connection with audiences … plus receive meaningful impressions to fans of each fest and members of its local community. Each event has its own opportunities and limitations for sponsorship, but one thing you can count on is the Power of the River team’s ability to deliver exciting events and community outreach in every location. Here is just one real-world example of an exciting event we conceived and executed at one festival:
Breckenridge Distillery Celebrates Power of the River

Event recap: Taste the Adventure with Breckenridge Distillery [public recap here]

  • Over 100 people came into the Main Street Tasting Room to claim their samples of Dark Arts (the distillery’s newest and most exclusive offering at $350 a bottle).
  • Hundreds of staff, visiting filmmakers, sponsors, supporters, and patrons of the film fest all spoke very excitedly about the buzz we generated for the distillery and for the film.
  • Our film Sunday morning was the largest show at that venue. Audiences heard the film’s director singing Breck Distillery’s praises as a supporter of our film and its mission.
  • The film and festival provided over $600 in prizes for the Tasting Room contest.
  • From all contest entries, more than 50% opted in to receive ongoing emails from the Distillery.
  • Approximately $10,000 total bottle sales for the weekend, generating a donation from the distillery to our film’s cause.

Film fest ActivationPartner opportunities vary with each festival but may include:

  • Presenting sponsor designation (or shared co-sponsorship) of our screening and/or panel appearances.
  • Hosting of parties, promotions, or other events before or after screenings.
  • Talks; workshops; or presentation of bonus content, filming outtakes, or behind-the-scenes footage.*
    *Fests generally won’t allow screenings of the full film outside of their official shows, but we are creative thinkers and have many proven ways to add value and excitement to your event!
  • Exposure for contributors of significant prize values ($500 minimum total value suggested).
  • Retail location tie-ins and consumer offers.

When it comes to event activation, we think big; our partners can benefit from our team’s many decades of rallying audiences around exciting film events like the annual Warren Miller ski film tour— Power of the River‘s producers have over 60 years combined experience! Contact Greg for more details.

Unsolicited Feedback from Festivals:

“Thanks so much for all your amazing promotional efforts, Greg! Clearly they’re paying off! We are indeed sold out.” – Molly Berg, Programming Manager, DCEFF

“Greg illustrates the drive, desire and passion of the independent filmmaker that we here at the BFF strive to highlight. He undoubtedly left an impression on countless festival attendees, fellow filmmakers and Breckenridge locals” – Ashley Zimmerman, Program Coordinator, Breckenridge Film Festival

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