Cameras for Culture & Conservation

gh-gopro-kidsAn initiative benefitting kids and communities in Bhutan … and beyond


Update 12/30/16: Four GoPro cameras used in filming Power of the River have already been delivered to Bhutan where they are awaiting the launch of our Cameras for Culture & Conservation initiative. These and more cameras will be available for use by school children and conservation groups to capture the unique natural wonders of Bhutan. We aim to empower local communities to protect their pristine resources and cultural treasures through the power of visual storytelling.


Cameras used for ‘Power of the River’ are now in Bhutan!

The program is made possible through your donated time, talents, or money plus a pending collaboration with the Bhutan Foundation, which has been part of two successful programs by Fredric Roberts Photography Workshops to provide cameras and train children in still photography. Cameras for Culture & Conservation expands these past programs, providing equitable access to:

  • Resilient and easy-to-use high-definition video cameras
  • Support for uploading raw or edited footage given Bhutan’s limited connectivity
  • Access to volunteer professionals for creative collaboration
  • Maintenance or replacement of equipment as needed
  • Posting of select completed videos reaching potentially 4 million subscribers

Power of the River‘s producer has pledged at least 10% of net profits from the film to help provide ongoing financial underwriting for this program. Additionally, caring creative professionals are donating their time to:

  • Refine the technical infrastructure and partner collaborations for the program
  • Provide remote online training/support to improve camera and audio techniques
  • Contribute picture editing, original music, licensed songs/images, and post-production services to polish footage into completed videos
  • Establish partnerships, publicity, and outreach to post videos and expand viewership
  • Contact Greg if you have time and talents to offer participating kids and communities

Your donation helps to provide:

  • Additional cameras and gear for use by children and communities across Bhutan
  • Replacement cameras and repair equipment plus shipping expenses
  • Staff in Bhutan to provide training and ongoing support
  • Hard costs for hosting of online portals for creative collaboration
  • Program expansion to other locations around the world

Contribute today at: poweroftherivermovie.com/donate or contact Greg to support this program in a bigger way.


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